Experiencethe next (big)

The(Any)Thing offers the first-ever boutique on demand film experience in the world.

Our (vision)

We aim to blow people away with an experience that is unlike any other cinema.

The on demand market is no longer limited to the home as we bring it to the outside world. We are the very first worldwide to provide the modern-day moviegoer with the possibility to watch the movie they want, when they want and with whom they want.

With The(Any)Thing, we give young urbanites, growing families, movie-buffs and masters of luxury precisely what they’ve been looking for: a boutique cinema with high-quality furniture and on-point styling, anchored in cinema paraphernalia mixed with today's energy. Where you have the power to control the settings for temperature, volume and light.

    Join (our)

As a trailblazer in on demand cinematic experiences, we are always on the lookout for innovative partners to team up with. The(Any)Thing is a nomadic experience that can be placed in a hotel lobby, a restaurant, a conference room or a department store... the world is our oyster. The(Any)Thing can be anywhere as long as it’s available to anyone at any time.

Not only can The(Any)Thing be placed anywhere, but it can also fit into any interior design. We welcome interior designers with new ideas to support us in offering a premium experience with high-end finishings.

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